Release 2.7.0

Deep ReScrape and customisation features

Users are now able to sign up for a premium account! Which will unlock the following new features

New Features

** ReScrape **

Added a link that you think has updated its data since it was added? Use re-scrape to grab the meta data again. Note: This will overwrite any custom title/description that you’ve added for that link

Deep ReScrape (Premium Subscribers)

Sometimes adding a link to a list can return “Unable to scrape link”. These links still work perfectly fine, they just don’t look as nice in your list. This can be due to several reasons that are unfortunately mostly out of the control of Links List.

You could manually edit the title, description and image, or you could try the new Deep ReScrape feature. This scrape takes longer, as it attempts to load the link in a real browser, which means it will read data from a Single Page Application!

Default List Options

Up until now, you’ve always had to start a new list as Public and with the default purple colour. I’ve now updated the app such that you can define custom default options for access control and colour! You can ensure all your new lists are locked by default, or set them all to private (if you’re a premium subscriber), while also setting the default colour to blue, or green, or even brown!

You can also set your preferred view, either open or dense.

Bug Fixes

Editing a broken image will actually update to the new image

Previously you would have to refresh the page to see the new image that you added, not that will happen as soon as you save the link