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What is Links List?

Links List allows you to save a list of links, and share that list with anyone you like. Lists are public, but only accessible to the people that have the URL, and they are not indexed by search engines.

What can I create a list of?

You can create a list of anything you like! Provided they're URL's. Random text that doesn't look like a URL won't be added.

Customize the look and feel of your Links List

Use the colour palette to colour-code each of your links lists for easy identification.

You also have control over the density of the list. Lots of links might call for a list layout, whereas a handful of links might be best displayed as tiles. You can choose which display you would like.

Demonstration of customising the UI of the list

Customize name and description of your Links List

  • Creating a list of links is great, but they might not be very useful without context as to what the links are saved for.
  • Links List gives you the ability to change the title and description of your Links List. This will then save with your list so that whoever receives the link to your Links List will know exactly what the list of links represents.
  • Not only will the title of the list be updated, but so will the tab title in your browser, so if you have multiple Links Lists open, you can easily move between tabs without having to guess which list you're jumping to
Name customisation preview
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