Release 1.7.0

Huge Feature Requests


Lockable lists!

One of the most requested features is finally here! For users that have verified their email address, you can now lock any of your lists that you’ve created.

Only lists that were created while you were logged in will be lockable, other lists will remain public

To verify your email, go to the My Details modal, and click on the Verify button. An email will be sent to you with a verification link

Edit Email

In case you signed up with an email that is no longer in use, you’ll want to be able to update it so you can verify and get access to the new lockable list feature!

New List button

Another common request is to make it easier to create a new list. Well, now there is a New List button that makes it easier than ever!

This button takes the place of the Subscribe button (see next point)

List subscription are now Bookmarks

The ability to “subscribe” to a list has now been renamed to “Bookmarks”, and the button to save a list to your bookmarks has been moved to the left of the list URL button (it’s just a star icon now)

Total number of list items now visible

At a glance, you can now see how many items are in your list.

Latest Updates Dialog

You might be reading all this in one of the other new additions, the Latest Updates dialog

This will allow me to highlight the latest and greatest features, as well as any bug fixes, so you’re always able to take full advantage of Links List