Release 2.6.0

Premium Features are here!

Users are now able to sign up for a premium account! Which will unlock the following new features

New Features

Private lists (Premium Subscribers)

We’ve got public, we’ve got locked, now we have private lists, that only you, or the people you choose, can see.

User Access Control (Premium Subscribers)

As mentioned just above in the private lists announcement, you’re now able to control access to a locked or private list, giving another user read or write access to that list.

Access can be controlled through the same list options where the list permission is set (i.e. where you set public/locked/private).

You can add users that don’t yet have an account on Links List, but for them to realise the access they’ve been given, they will need to complete sign up. This is for security, to ensure that they are the person who has actually been given access.